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Today’s Farmer: Nine Hours Daily On A Computer

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Click to visit the original postFrom GENE LOGSDONI promised not to use his name because I wanted him to speak freely which is not easy to do these days when society is in such conflict. He is a fortyish farmer, articulate, engaging, a delight to talk to. He and his brother grow upwards of 5000 acres of corn and soybeans, much of it rented. The first time I met him, several years go, I remembered him saying that a farmer needed to spend two hours a day on the computer, hedging and marketing his grain.

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This is not a pretty vision of the future of American farming.Logsdon calls the consolidation of farmland into land trusts (worked by employees, not owner-farmers) “socialistic,” but I think that’s inaccurate.What he’s describing is really more like feudalism. Without the reciprocal obligations that medieval lords had to their serfs.

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    I answered your question about the part Indian vs. Indian ancestry question. Thanks for the compliment on my writing btw.

    You liked it in the past too. I have to hide my identity now for work, but I used to write urban homesteading articles for a blog we both used to read. In fact I think you dug up a couple of them a few years later from the wayback machine. Feel free to email me anytime. I always found much profit in what you had to say.

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