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Metaphysical Depths of Perfidy

Ah, noteriety!

I got to spend a few days basking in this impressive accomplishment:

“You mean, you got a lawyer to call you evil? Wow …”

Yes! Not just “evil”, but “profoundly, deeply evil“.

How did I achieve this state of “metaphysical perfidy”? Why, by simply letting Dale know that the final preview chapter of The Protector’s War was up on the website.

The metaphysical part comes with managing to do it on his birthday. 🙂

However, glory is but fleeting. I find myself entirely outdone and outclassed by this final comment:

Of course, as soon as THE PROTECTOR’S WAR is out, I’ll be putting up sample chapters from A MEETING AT CORVALLIS, the last in the trilogy… 8-).

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