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Hundred-Acre Liturgy

February 19th, 2005 No comments

This came to me in a fit of whimsey one Sunday morning: What would the favorite parts of the liturgy be for each resident of the Hundred-Acre Wood? (I suppose, being so English and all, we can reasonably assume that they are Anglican.)

Pooh: The Eucharist, of course — it involves eating.

Piglet, being a small and easily frightened animal, prefers the prayers, because they are very quiet.

Tigger likes the singing. He’s not allowed to bounce, but every now and then some of the songs are bouncy.

Owl’s favorite part is the sermon — best, of course, if it is long and uses big words like epistemological and eschatological.

Gopher likes looking at the beams and arches — and critiquing the architecture.

Eeyore’s favorite part is the Confession of Sin.

Rabbit loves the tea afterwards, because everything can be just so. (OK, so that’s not actually part of the liturgy. The ablutions, then — the cleaning of the vessels after Eucharist. Must be very tidy!)

And Kanga cuddles roo during Bible stories (reading of the Word).

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