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Homeschooling Made Me Do It

February 16th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Being a homeschooling dad definitely forces me to retain the “Eclectic Amateur” title. How else could it be, when in the same weekend I end up having to explain both the intricacies of presidential primary mechanics and help with tabulating and calculating body mass ratios for various dinosaurs for my eight-year old?

Bringing those two things together, has anyone else noticed that while the Political Graveyard exists for dead political dinosaurs (thanks to the good work of Larry Kestenbaum), there does not seem to exist a similar site to catalog dinosaur fossils? Am I the only one who thinks that it would be a nice resource to have available on the web for questions like “how many Diplodocus skeletons have actually been found? How complete were they? What was their size variation? Where were they found and where are they now?” As far as I can tell, these are questions whose answers can not be Googled and seem to require Serious Research from Serious Professional Paleontologists to answer.

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    My husband and I were both hmosechooled as children, and made the decision before we even married to homeschool our own children, should GOD give us any. HE has blessed us with 3 so far, a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and almost 4 mos old! I went to college to be a teacher, and have taught 1st thru 9th grade Art, 1st grade, N-3, and K-5 in a Christian School setting. I always knew public school was out of the question, as I do not wish my children to be influenced 8+ hours a day by an anti-GOD society, but I have come to realize that many Christian schools are really no better. Yes, their curriculum includes Creation and GOD, but they are still subjected to the same influences and peer pressure as those in public school. If I would keep a tomato plant inside until it Is ready to thrive to protect it from the frost, why would I subject my children to elements of this world before they are grounded and mature in the SCRIPTURE?! There are also the facts that I do not want to be away from my children, that I want the blessing of teaching them, being a part of their firsts, and always being close by and there for them, and that I feel my children will and do benefit more from the one on one I offer as a mom who knows how they learn best and who implements strategies to further the learning of each Indivudual child according to their learning type. ** I am sorry for the typos. I am txting this on my cell phone and have a hard time navigating the typed text to read it and fix any errors

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