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Homeschooling Made Me Do It

February 16th, 2004 1 comment

Being a homeschooling dad definitely forces me to retain the “Eclectic Amateur” title. How else could it be, when in the same weekend I end up having to explain both the intricacies of presidential primary mechanics and help with tabulating and calculating body mass ratios for various dinosaurs for my eight-year old?

Bringing those two things together, has anyone else noticed that while the Political Graveyard exists for dead political dinosaurs (thanks to the good work of Larry Kestenbaum), there does not seem to exist a similar site to catalog dinosaur fossils? Am I the only one who thinks that it would be a nice resource to have available on the web for questions like “how many Diplodocus skeletons have actually been found? How complete were they? What was their size variation? Where were they found and where are they now?” As far as I can tell, these are questions whose answers can not be Googled and seem to require Serious Research from Serious Professional Paleontologists to answer.

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February 16th, 2004 No comments
Fair Warning

Regular readers (both of you know who you are) have no doubt noticed that blogging is a weekly thing, at best. Fully expect this pace to continue, if not diminish. You Have Been Warned™.

While I will not have the iron willpower of Mark Shea to give up blogging entirely for Lent, I am going to attempt the perhaps harder discipline of not reading blogs for Lent.

This may (or may not) have the perverse effect of causing more blogging, as I take the time to purge bookmarks and write rather than just read and/or comment in other people’s blogs.

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Bishop supports continuing dialogue and theological diversity in his diocese

February 4th, 2004 No comments

in a manner of speaking:

…A 157-year-old Episcopal church is nearly empty on Sundays now that its conservative members have broken off to form a new congregation. Historic St. John’s Episcopal Church in Versailles, Kentucky, drew only 60 people to its three services this past Sunday. Most of its members left after diocesan leaders fired the church’s entire governing board, which had denounced Bishop Stacy Sauls’ support for the consecration of the openly homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Days after the firings, conservative members of St. John’s voted to form a new church and contributed $40,000 in seed money. They met informally in a supporter’s living room for three weeks and had their first formal worship service Sunday with a new pastor. [AP]

Welcome to “support for diversity” and “continuing to dialogue on this divisive issue”, Episcopalian-style.

Remember: Diversity will only be achieved when all think alike.

(via Mark Shea)

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