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Shared Experience

January 15th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

From Greg Krehbiel (via Mark Shea):

Of course we still have to wonder about the 100 percent failure rate in my large sampling of Catholics at the University of Maryland. I have a lot of theories about that, but none of them have anything to do with the council of Trent. The sad fact is that we have a generation of Catholics who know Catholicism about as well as I did when I was in college. The bishops will answer for this when they visit Aslan’s country, but for now it seems that the failure is pastoral, not doctrinal.

Yeah, the hardest thing for me about trying to take Catholicism seriously has been Catholics. I managed to make it through 2/3 of my life without meeting Catholics who (a) know their faith, (b) seem excited about Jesus, and (c) want to share the Good News. Not that they were bad people (see the “(1) I never killed anyone”) but … being a Christian isn’t about just not having violated gross moral and social standards.

Of course, the danger for a good Protestant is when you do meet Catholics who are on fire for Jesus and apologetically capable, it kicks that chair out from under you …

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