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The Floggings Will Continue Until Celebration of Diversity Is Achieved

November 5th, 2003 Leave a comment Go to comments

Chris Johnson points out that the Rev. Harry Cook is not amused that Some Counter-Revolutionary Agents™ are failing to properly celebrate the elevation of Vicki Gene Robinson as Bishop. But in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable Spongian screed (“613 so-called commandments” [Leviticus] … “homophobic” [Paul] … “Jesus’ silence” [guess Matthew 19:4 is one of those “discarded concepts”] … yadda yadda yawn), Rev. Harry lets on more than he perhaps meant to:

…my private anger at Episcopalian fundamentalists…

Somebody should clue in Rev. Harry that he’s departing from the script.

It’s the “fundamentalists” who are supposed to be angry. The revisionists — sorry, those who are “learning to live the mystery of communion at a deeper level” — are supposed to be merely saddened and mystified at such irrational displays.

He also let slip the following —

… the church decided to stop discussing, take a stand and make a statement.

No more dialogue for you Neanderthal fundamentalists! We’ve been patient with you, and you didn’t even have the decency to shut up. “Now I shall have to be vewy angwy.”

Shouldn’t the presiding bishop remind Rev. Cook about all his statements that GC2003 didn’t end the discussion about human sexuality in the ECUSA? Who to believe, who to believe?

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