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Wow. Orson Scott Card sure looks prophetic:

[I]n Afghanistan, there were many who remembered how America helped them win their independence from the Soviet Union’s attempt to rule them. But they saw that America was willing to violate their sovereignty and bomb their land … for Monica’s dress.

Mr. Bill made a hero out of Osama bin Laden. Monica’s dress was the best thing that ever happened to him. Mr. Bill’s most terrible legacy may be this: He has raised out of obscurity the charismatic leader who may be able to do what no other has been able to accomplish: unite Islam in holy war against us. When Muslims look at bin Laden, the man who can blow up American ships and laugh at American missiles, and at Bill Clinton, the man who kills foreigners and breaks oaths and plays sex games in the White House … no wonder so many of them believe that God is on their side.

… And when your enemies and your friends have contempt for you, the world is an infinitely more dangerous place. They now will dare what they would never have dared before, because they have seen how soft and selfish and scared we are…

This was written almost a year before 9/11.

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